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Q: What is the registration fee for tackle football?

A: $130

Q: What does my tackle registration fee cover?

A: Registration fees cover the use of a helmet and shoulder pads provided by the league. Fees also include a game jersey and basic mouth piece. 

Q: What am I (parent/player) responsible for providing?

A: Parent/players provide their own practice jersey, practice pants, game pants, socks, cleats, and water bottle. 

Q: Can I buy and use my own helmet and shoulder pads?

A: Yes. Feel free to buy your own helmet and shoulder pads. We ask that once you do, please come see one of us to check the fit of each piece of equipment. Yes. The sales person "fit" the gear in the store. We understand. We still need to check the fit on our own to make sure. The best helmet in the world is useless if the player can spin it around and look out the ear hole while wearing it. The thickest pair of shoulder pads do little to protect if they do not cover the sternum (breastbone) and fit over the shoulders properly. If you do buy your own helmet, keep in mind that LYFC's helmets are white. 

Q: How much do board members and coaches get paid?

A: LYFC is a volunteer organization. We get paid in terms of players improving (no matter how much) over the length of the season and the friendships that last long beyond that. 

Q: When and where are practices and games held?

A: Practices are typically Mon, Tues, Wed, and/or Thurs of the week (maybe a Sunday walk through if the game is on Monday). Once the season begins, around the time school starts, LYFC allows 3 practices a week. Two practices may be full contact and the third must be a no-full contact practice. When games start, the game will take the place of the one of the full contact practices.

Practices are help at 501 Ballpark Rd. Home games are also at this location. Away games are at the other county football fields as scheduled. 

Q: What is the difference between football at LYFC and Pop Warner?

A: LYFC and all other teams under the authority of LCRAC have three age divisions: 8U (7-8 year olds),  10U (9-10 year olds), and 12U (11-12 year olds). No weight limits or restrictions. Players cannot play up or down a division.

Our games have kick-off, kick-return, and punting that provides a fuller experience of the game that players will see in middle school and up. This has been removed from Pop Warner games for various reasons.

We do not require that you purchase your own equipment. The growing cost of entry into most sports these days is staggering. We have helmets and shoulder pads to loan out as part of the registration fee. 

Our games are either at home (501 Ballpark Rd) or at one of the other Lexington County football fields. We do not travel out the county (or state) for regular season LCRAC scheduled games.